Who is Alia Ronnell?


images Alia Ronnell is a 22 year old writer, visionary, and dream-chaser from the Tri-State area. The main goal of RockYourLuv.com was for Alia to share personal experiences that were realistic to everyday people working towards their self-love goals and owning their individuality. If you love finding ways to interact with people about your self-love journey, hardships referring to your dreams and goals, and  juicy relationship talk, you’ll feel right at home here.

imagesWhen Alia is not updating her website; she is a full-time student at Wilmington University, working towards her Bachelors in the field of, Communication/Integrated Marketing. She was first inspired to create her blog for her love of personal writing and poetry. To get started reading (click HERE!) New Blogs Every Tuesday. Please feel free to comment, like, and subscribe. Alia would  love to hear/converse with you. Social media platforms can be found at the top of this page near the menu section. Thank You for stopping by….

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